Useful i-phone Apps for Social Media Enthusiasts

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  2. Steven Oakden says:

    I’m a bit off at a tangent here but a couple of Health applications for I-Phones are Symptom MD and Web MD, detailed below:-

    What should you do about a …

    A bump on the head?…….A sore throat – lasting for three days?…….A child’s itchy rash?

    Health problems can arise anytime – evenings, weekends, when you’re traveling or when the doctor’s office is closed.

    SymptomMD is designed for these times . Its care guides help you make appropriate decisions on what level of care (if any) is needed and how to relieve symptoms of minor illnesses and injuries you can manage on your own.

    There are two Apps Symptom MD itself and Pediatric Symptom MD and the fee is £1.79, you visit the website pay and download. It looks to be simple but well designed.

    Web MD is free and it allows you to:-

    1. Check your symptoms
    2. Access Treatment Information
    3. Get First Aid Essentials

    • shibberson says:

      Cheers for the extra tips Steve. Really useful apps for people teaching/learning medicine or working in a health library 🙂

  3. liz Bennett says:

    I agree with your discussion of access issues. I’m just in the process of buying a new phone, so need to make an assessment of whether the iphone is the way to go.

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